The utter confusion on the girl’s face mentally threw Fire back, although she collected herself rather easily as physical disorientation never surfaced her cool compusture. Perhaps this one really was from another realm, much like the Red she had met before, but it still felt a little discouraging to see the face of that girl. She calmed, letting her hands fall to her sides and shook her head; brunette strands of hair swaying almost gingerly in the gentle breeze.

“I’m sorry, Ethan, I’m not your… Fire.” she explained, closing her eyes. She felt relieved to say the least; her Ethan was deranged for all she knew, forever smiling and grinning despite the trouble she had caused, yet Fire really had no opinion for she too had her own quirks. She blinked slowly, cocking her head a little at the worried expression flashing over the child’s features, although she continued to listen.

“Nothing’s wrong anymore. I mistook you for someone else.” she inquired, eyes looking elsewhere, never looking Ethan in the eye. “Introductions are due, though. I’m not your Fire, and I don’t like everyone calling me that, though Cerise is fine.” the champion offered.

*As the other’s face soften ever so slightly, she thought that the other was finally back to their old self, only to be put down massively by Fire saying ‘She wasn’t her’ Fire*
… Ah. *She blunk a few times* Well that is all good~! Obviously there have been lots of copies hanging around, I just thought that there wouldn’t be a exact copy of my friends you know? Oh well~! Nice to meet you~

*She nodded at Cerise* I can see that~ I have no trouble with my name though~ Oh, did you know my name? It’s Ethan, just incase, me number 2 doesn’t have the same name~

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